After a long illness. . .

. . .I’m finally getting my strength closer to what they call normal for a sixty-something guy. In celebration, at least for me, my son joined in on the song below, Eden’s Gate, which allowed me to mix it to finish. I am thankful for his input, which included all things not¬†acoustic guitar and voice. (more…)

Not Blogging Because I’m too Busy Painting

Right now I’m in the middle of work on an art show. With my slow-paced¬†style, it keeps me pretty much at the easel with little time for other ventures. Hopefully I will resume things once I’m a lot further along with the work. Cheers!

Cracker Jack Snack

Cracker Jack Pup

The Cracker Jack snack is long gone, but the painting is still snail-slow in developing. Problem with painting is I’m always learning something new that influences the work. That means battling it out with what you see and how to apply it.

Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack Dog

CRACKER JACK is coming along nicely. I tend to establish the background first so that I can get a better sense of what the tonal range should be with the objects that have captured my attention. Cracker Jack will prove to be a lot about lettering with all the text in the ads for this product. The part I enjoy most is messing with the colors, pushing the tones, taking license with the objects to help the painting hold together better.At this stage it is pretty durn rough looking, but already I get a sense of the potential for the final piece. Now if my health will only hold for awhile so I can stand in front of the easel long enough to make progress.