The song Lately was written when I was 24. Revisiting the song makes me aware of how in the 48 years since I penned the song I have changed drastically. But there are certain core aspects of who I was that remain intact. Those dimensions of identity are lots more shop worn. I’ve learned a bit in those passing years, but the unsureness of youth has not diminished. I can relate to the song even now in my sixties, maybe more so because life has a way of painting flaws in strong blacks and whites. In so many ways, I am still that frightened twenty-something who finds life bewildering.

Lately I’ve been thinking life will never give me peace on those recurring questions. Looks like the next life will have to answer.

Michael self-portrait


Lately I’ve seen you through very different eyes.
Somehow I’ve wandered. I really don’t know why.
Reasons keep changing, the questions remain the same.
My greed keeps me running from you. . . from you.

Thoughts seem so scattered, held captive to my desire.
Like a wave crashing ’round me, I wonder if I’ll survive.
Wanting to reject you, reaching to draw you near.
Weakness keeps me calling to you. . . to you.


So take me and teach me what life is all about.
Give me the courage to drink from your cup.

Sometimes I wake up and don’t want to face the day.
Certain to fail you in so many different ways.
Wondering if you’re listening. Asking you if you care.
Your Word keeps me trusting in you. . . in you.

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