Bybee Creek

Crossing Bybee Creek over and over on the second day of our trek through the Crater Lake brought home the reality that this was not going to be a casual stroll through pleasant scenery. I told this to Lisa who details the “joys” of the PCT in her blog.

Which at least prepared her with a different mindset.) We had abandoned the rim trail for a jaunt through the alternate route which luckily was delineated by spray paint marks on the trees since snow covered the first part of this route.

Our boots soaked through as we crossed melting snow fields, which ignited the heels of my feet. It felt like I was wearing a pair of sandpaper socks. And I wasn’t alone, as we kept zig-zagging on a trail that seemed to take particular pleasure in bouncing us from one side of Bybee Creek to the other.

By mid-afternoon it had warmed up and we were thrilled to get out of rain gear. But already the pack loads were tearing the soul out of each of us in one way or another. Spirits remained hopeful as we had descended into a valley where the snow dissipated into patches.

But the constant burn of blisters were eating at my brain and I had regretted not pitching the stupid five pound hiking boots for a comfortable set of running shoes.

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